Do You Know The Sense Of All This?

If you are a Black American, you know about the African American Holocaust.  The systematic killings.  Police brutality authorized by the republican administrations of the past dubbed “the war on drugs” and zero tolerance policies.  The disproportionate number of black men and women in prison for crimes that people of just about any other color usually get probation for or dismissed entirely.  You can’t make this shit up.  It’s there.  And, its not going away anytime soon.

I created a track about 12 years ago called, The Sense Of All This.  There are no real vocals except a repeated verse inspired by the events of Hurricane Katrina.

Do you know the sense of all this?
Is there any answer to this?
Catch yourself accusing me, enclosing and abusing me…

Those words haunt me now that camera phones are now bringing that reality to the masses.  We’ve seen brutality and killings at the hands of police officers broadcasted for the world to see.   And you wonder why people are so angry.  Generation after generation.  You use your position of respect and authority to disenfranchise a race of people for too long and a natural hatred and distrust of that uniform becomes an inbred instinct.  Are all cops bad?  Of course not.  But, like a fraternity…. they protect their own.  Yes, they have Internal Affairs to combat corruption and weed out bad cops, but it isn’t enough.

Recently, the cops tazered a young man who hid in his grandmothers house after running away from police for being pulled over for not stopping at a stop sign.  Number one, idiot,  you do not run from the police after being pulled over for a traffic stop.  You can use the excuse of being afraid of being shot and killed but common sense would tell you to stay the fuck in your vehicle.  Get your ticket.  And go about your business (if you did nothing wrong).  Instead, you run into the house and involve your 80-something year old grandmother in your mess.

Do you know the sense of all this?

What really gets me is what happened next.  Cops KICK IN the door, then tells the kid to walk towards him or he will tazer him.  He walks towards the cop… gets tazered anyway.  Falls like a ton of bricks.  Another cop tells his grandmother to turn around.  She is probably upset at watching her grandson gets tazered AFTER the shock of having her door kicked in.  She tells the one male cop to keep his hands off her.  He complies and doesn’t seem scared that she is a threat.  Then the female cop PEPPER SPRAYS HER!!!!   Hold up.  Who in their right mind pepper sprays an 80-something year old???  Were they afraid she was going to hurt them or that she was packing?  Did you notice that the other cops, at arms length, right behind her WERE NOT EVEN PAYING ATTENTION TO HER???  I was all for the cops and investigating a suspicious act until they WENT TOO FAR.  But isn’t that the common theme of all of these incidents?

Is there any answer to this?

Okay, you pepper sprayed the old lady.  Now, you WRESTLE her to the ground?  Is it no wonder people are resorting to the eye for an eye ideal and shooting up cops in retaliation?  I checked into the story more and she was taken down to the police station and quickly released… then sent directly to the hospital for injuries sustained during the arrest.  Now, I don’t condone violence and do not endorse it against the police but COME ON!  If another cop gets all charges for excessive force DROPPED after something like this,  I will have absolutely NO REMORSE if the headlines suddenly read “another cop ambushed”.  Remember the riots of the late 60’s?  Keep it up and you will see this happen again.  Doomed to repeat the same damn mistakes of the past.

Catch yourself accusing me, enclosing and abusing me…

Those words have never had more meaning 12 years later than they do now.

Catch yourself accusing me.

This pertains to being assumed guilty because of the color of your skin and systematically being treated differently as a result.  Remember, the black professional therapist who was complying with police to lay on the ground, with his hands up in Miami but STILL got shot?  All he was doing was trying to help his suicidal patient with autism.  He even asked the cop why they shot him.  And their answer… “I DON’T KNOW”.

I’ll use the same response the black therapist used… “WOW”.  But, we do know.  And, they know as well but will never admit it… which is a major part of why all these issues exist.

Enclosing and abusing me.

This can mean making an entire ethnic class feel lower than dirt and then abusing your status or privilege to keep them feeling that way.  Whether directly or indirectly.

Here is the video of the 84 year old woman being pepper sprayed and then wrestled to the ground.  I warn you, its graphic and will piss you the fuck off.  Protocol my ass.  Lack of common sense is more like it.

How many times did you look at the video and still didn’t believe what you saw?  And this was video taken by the police bodycam.  I only applaud the police for willingly releasing the video instead of suppressing it.  They can argue that we don’t have all of the details but isn’t this how people get put in prison?  WITH EVIDENCE BEYOND A SHADOW OF DOUBT?  Did you NOT command the boy to walk towards you or you would taze him.  He complies and you SHOOT HIM ANYWAY.  Then, you want to arrest an 84 year old woman minding her own business? Did you suspect she was a drug dealer or something?  And you want America to overlook this because we don’t have all the facts…

Hypocritical, if you ask me.

So this has inspired me to put together a bunch of clips showing police brutality and basic LACK of common sense and setting it to the music of “The Sense of All This” (preview clip below).

If you have any clips of police brutality and senseless aggression that you want to share, please send me the link via either in the comment section below (registration required) or my contact page.  I’ll be posting it here in place of the following preview clip below.


Atlantis Jordan | The Sense Of All This | End Game (2006)