My Cyber Encounters | A Conversation With An Idiot 2

I was cleaning up the chat histories in Skype and Google Hangout recently and thought to share some of them in a new sub-category called My Cyber Encounters.  I have many conversations with subs and Doms that I feel would be good lessons to share.  This one in particular showcases the idiocy that Doms sometimes face with subs on the internet.  There are just no words for this one.  It was simply…


Michael (9/1/14 9:34 PM)
Master, i am very interested in being your slave or a slave to your friends but i don’t think you can do what i am looking for.

i want to disappear for life. I will serve you any way you command but i need to be submitted to a violent initiation into slavery with REAL BLACK MEN’S REVENGE. If i am truly kept for life, i beg to be kept shaved and locked for life in collar and chains that cannot be removed. I beg to have SLAVE tattooed on my forehead.

i beg to be whipped violently until i am covered in scars and blood and much more.
i will beg to escape and i will not be allowed to. I TRULY WANT TO DISAPPEAR FOR LIFE AND NOT BE HEARD FROM AGAIN

i once saw on your web site photos of a white slave having his balls cut off. that can be done to me
if you are not interested, maybe you know a master who is. i have even thought of going to Africa to find truly violent masters


Black Sovereign (9/1/14 9:36 PM)

Michael (9/2/14 7:54 AM)
Master, I guess your silence means you are not interested in something that intense. If you are not, do you know any black masters who may be?


Black Sovereign (9/2/14 9:08 AM)
You are right, I am not interested.

What you are asking for is suicide. Any Master who is capable of that much violence won’t stop at making you bleed or mutilating you. And, once you are no longer of use or interest, you would be “disposed” of.

I think you understand what I mean by that. Disappearing from life would be literal at that point.

So go to Africa.

Tell them the same shit you just told me.

They hate white people enough to give you exactly what you are asking for.