My Cyber Encounters | A Conversation With An Idiot

[Original post:  November 25, 2012]


This conversation took place on a black domination site I was a member on.

bigaltoronto (one hour ago):  I have seen your profile. You seem to be very popular. I love getting my ass fucked by big black cock. What do you like to get into? I’m new on this website. Do you know any dominant black “top” contacts in Toronto, in Canada?

Blacksovereign (one hour ago):  If you are seeking to be used then you need to present yourself that way. I took a look at your profile and saw nothing. Any interest died there. You looked at my profile, what did you see?

If you wish to be used sexually then you need to do a better job at advertising yourself with MORE details about what you are offering. Specifically more photos of yourself to GET US INTERESTED. Just a simple profile photo does nothing to entice anyone to want to fuck you or even refer you to others who may live in your area.

Presentation is everything when seeking connections online. That is why I seem very popular… and why you contacted me.

bigaltoronto (5 minutes ago):  I’m sorry I wasted my time contacting you. You sound like a very demanding and very ignorant person.

Blacksovereign (within 1 minute):  I’m sorry you wasted my time too.  Be careful about how you word your responses. All I did was give you advice in how to get a Black man to become interested in you. If you took that as ignorant then you need to rethink your membership to a site about Black Domination.


I shared this chat transcript with the entire site to gauge their opinion based on the conversation that took place.  Everyone was shocked that a “sub” would say what he did.  I had to correct them one thing… this individual was NOT as sub.  This was a faggot.  And worse, one that looked at joining a site about Black Domination as an opportunity to get some BBC… sans the respect and proper courtesy any intelligent person could at least emulate.

I still don’t get the “ignorant” part… unless, he was subtly calling me the N-word, as one sub pointed out.  But I chose not to speculate.  I was just giving advice to someone who thought because I was popular that I would be happy to refer him to a Dom in his locale.  Just because he is white and loves getting fucked by big black cock?

Gotta love that white privilege.  Thinking black men are sub-human creatures whose worth is solely determined by what’s between our legs.

Yes, I know two Doms in Toronto but why the hell would I want to refer him to them?  He gave me no reason other than what he likes.

Stop.  Look.  And listen, silly rabbit… and all of the other rodents out there.

You must work for EVERYTHING you receive.  If you don’t earn it, you don’t deserve it.