When considering a sub for service, I want to them to be capable of expressing themselves and their desire to serve effectively and with confidence.  A sub who is on the fence about what he wants does not want it bad enough.  A good fuck, maybe.  But a gamble otherwise.

Recently, I encountered a sub who was very passionate about what he is seeking.  I asked him a simple question:  “What is your aspiration in life?”  And what he shared took me by surprise.  



Sir, I’m looking to find a Dominant male to serve and please. I long to wake my Master up with a full body massage, followed by oral servitude of his choice. Then breakfast in bed and helping him get ready by attending to all his personal needs.

In the evening he returns to a clean home and home cooked meal. While he eats, he has me massage his feet. After Dinner, i prepare his bubble bath, wash his hair and get him ready for his night out with one of his lovers, if he prefers.

Later in the night he wakes me by putting his cock in my mouth expecting me to clean him and give him one or two more orgasms before he goes to sleep.

i then cuddle up next to him and massage him while he dozes off to sleep. i then hang his clothes up in the closet and make my way to my twin mattress in the closet next to my doggie bowl that has my water for the night.

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, he texts me “#1” which means he needs to pee but doesn’t want to get out of bed. I crawl to his bed, pull the covers back and place my mouth on the cock i worship. He then starts to urinate slowly making sure i can accept his stream. Once i get into the flow, he lets lose and i guzzle his warm nectar down which he has taught me to accept or should i say long for. Once he is done, i lick him clean quickly so he can return to sleep.

When i’m lucky enough and he is horny or in between lovers, he uses my ass for his pleasure and I know I may not be allowed to cum until given permission, if at all.

i am his property and i relish in serving him. Of course, the above options as well as others not mentioned are totally based on his needs and desires, not mine.

Sir, I want this dream to become reality so bad. I need to feel like I have a purpose. Like I belong.

You asked once what my aspiration in life is. That is to be happy… in the service of a true Black Master.

My biggest fear? Failing to fulfill my purpose… before my time on this earth has passed.


This submissive dreamer definitely captured my attention.