This morning, I happened to click on the link to my poll to see what the latest tallies were and read the following comments…

**deeplydisturbedbythissite- 2 weeks ago**

*Generations of black people have been enslaved, murdered, tortured and raped. Yet many Dom’s on this site seem to think all this suffering means that they can use white guys to get there end away and do house chores. It is deeply disrespectful to all the good people who suffered and died. You people should be ashamed.*

**deeplydisturbedthatyoucare- 6 days ago**

*deeplydisturbedbythissite needs to catch a clue that everybody who joins the site joined because they wanted to and identify with a like interest. Don’t even think you can speak for the Black Men who choose to use white men who also CHOOSE to be used. Quite a difference from what our ancestors did to Their ancestors. As my Black Master says when I say something stupid… BITCH! SHUT THE FUCK UP!*

Whomever “deeplydisturbedthatyoucare” is, I thank you for taking the words right out of my mouth in response to that self righteous ass who couldn’t exercise his right to leave the site and keep his opinions to himself. As a descendant of many black relatives who were lynched, killed and countless other atrocities, no white man can EVER speak for what Black people endured. If you don’t “get it” then you never will. All you can do is give in to what you feel is right… and if that is serving the Black man, then serve. If not, then you need to work that shit out for yourself.

True freedom is attained when you can give in to who you are. If you identify with being a slave to the needs and desires of the Black race, then you have found your own salvation. To those who already do serve, doesn’t it just feel right? Of course, it does. Because you are no longer lying to yourself.

You have found your own truth. Something no religion or man could even find for you.