The following is a comment from a sub named Christian that I somehow overlooked.  This was originally posted back in 2012 in response to a posting I had made on a Black Domination themed site I was once a member of.  I have never met this submissive even though I am posting this under my Real Encounters category.


Hello Sir.

I was first introduced to sex with black men when I was 17 and first coming out (in terms with my sexuality), as the black man and his white friend beat me up and raped me. Few years later, I met a white top who drugged me and made me his sex toy/slave. I got hooked to both drug and sex and he made me accept and love myself as sex slave to other men. After he moved away, I had sex with a few black men and totally fell in love with them.

Then, I met a black man whose friend used to deal drugs. Together, they made me their sex slave sometimes drug induced or sometimes just physically dominating and controlling me to their pleasure.

Now, I will only have sex with black masters.

But more and more, I find myself needing more than just sex. I love worshiping and serving black men every where as much as I can. I have two black co-workers and I love when they ask me for favors. Now, I am starting to wonder and fantasize about being owned by a black master permanently! I am very hopeful that this site will help me to share, explore and eventually meet my true master someday.


I had to post this in case this sub is still out there.  I was a bit speechless when I read it.  The detail into his experiences and how he came to the realization of what he needs is so rare.  Because this could have gone a completely different self-destructive direction.  To begin ones journey into this Lifestyle as victim of rape and forced drug use yet able to view those experiences as a gift, of sorts.

A gift of the submissive mindset.

There is no resentment or negativity anywhere in his post.  He is respectful and prideful of the experiences he went through in order to gain that epiphany of his true place.  And I would agree wholeheartedly that he is truly well-suited to become a slave.  A permanent, lifetime slave.

Another rare situation that is illusive for most.

This is the kind of submissive whom you can mold completely.  They are usually very clear about what they want and use their history as a resume to prove that they are serious about finding a Master.  Do I have the whole story on this sub?  Of course not, but that’s what is so attractive about what he did share.

It makes you want to learn more.