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CHASTITY DEVICES, by definition, are used in BDSM play and in consensual relationships. They are a means for the wearer to surrender control over their sexual behavior either for sexual play, or as a long-term method of preventing infidelity or masturbation. They range from simple leather or plastic toys commonly sold by adult stores to expensive high-security stainless steel devices made by a handful of specialist firms.

The internet has significantly increased the number of people using chastity devices, by making the purchase of a chastity device much easier while providing a private avenue for subcultures dedicated to their usage to thrive and connect with one another.

Despite a historical association of chastity belts with women, worldwide purchasing demand for male chastity belts is reportedly far higher than purchasing demand for female chastity devices. As a consequence, the male chastity devices market offers more options and diversity compared to what is available for female chastity devices. Among male chastity devices, “cock-and-ball” trap devices are the most popular, followed by typically more secure belt-around-the-waist style devices.

Many of my servants are required to be in chastity. Check out Slave 10’s websites on Blogspot and Tumblr for photos of his chastity.

They do this with pride as a symbol of their commitment to serve and obey their Black Master. A white slaves cock is non-existent with me. It’s why I require any sub who serves me to at least wear a jockstrap (and later a chastity device once the ultimate gift of slavehood has been granted). I have little use for their penis except for punishment purposes. The only dick that should have any focus is my own.

Chastity is a constant reminder of ones status. It doesn’t fade from memory like last nights fuck. It stays with you. The discomfort when you get an erection. The denial of ANY pleasure in that area other than relieving oneself. Even when their Master is not there… it is a constant physical reminder.


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