XCAM | Slave10 : Third Session

third session powered by XTube
Disciplined for not completing a project - dildo-rides of 25 minutes each with non-stop working! Each viewer tip adds a new 25 minutes ride!

XCAM | Introducing Slave10

Introducing Slave10 | Black Owned Ass (on display) Slave10 has been the headlining attraction for Black Sovereign Media's XCam Modeling program since October but has been a fan favorite for…

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XCAM | Slave10 : New Assignment One

As of October 2012, Slave10 is now one of Black Sovereign's servants. He is available to rent for your online pleasures.  Visit his website today either on Blogspot or Tumblr.…

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XCAM | Slave10 : By Order

slave-sow10 works through its latest orders including baseball punishment, light CBT and some dildo riding.  This is also Slave10's audition video for XCam.

XCam Modeling

XCam is a BSM studio incorporated in June 2012. All applicants are required to be "submissives" as joining XCam means that you become "property" of Black Sovereign Media.  Some exceptions can be…

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