XCAM | Russelyork : Gas Station Fill Up (Part 2)

Gas Station Fill Up (Part 2) After being rented out and used for a gangbang, Russelyork is sent to a local gas station to be bred and pissed on by…

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XCAM | Russelyork : Gas Station Fill Up (Part 1)

Gas Station Fill Up (Part 1) After being rented out and used for a gangbang, Russelyork is sent to a local gas station to be bred and pissed on by…

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XCAM | Russelyork : Open House Cumdump

Open House Cumdump Russelyork was tasked with capturing himself being a "no loads refused" cumdump for 8 hours.  These are the highlights of those 8 hours. Craigslist ad placed... door…

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XCAM | Russelyork Fist Fucked by SIR

Fist Fucked by BSX Blacksovereign (BSX) fist fucks His sub russelyork. I love my Sirs sexy voice as he ravages my hole. Love how his large hands stretches and gapes…

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XCAM | Russelyork Barebacked by SIR

Barebacked by BSX Sir Blacksovereign (BSX) uses His new sub bareback for the first time. I love when He breeds me, taking ownership of the hole. Providing pleasure for a…

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XCAM | Introducing Russelyork

Happy HOLEdays! Meet my newest submissive, Russel York who has recently been accepted as a XCAM Model and servant to Black Sovereign and my media company, BSM.  Just like Slave…

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XCAM | Slave 10 : BFTP – 670 Plus Thrusts

Blast From The Past (BFTP) - slave10 riding the 13 inch dildo as ordered with 10 thrusts per group member (670 total in attendance).  LOVE the way his thick muscular…

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XCAM | Slave10 : Cam Whore

Dildo work by order ... some training and stretching on my 10 inch dildo.

XCAM | Slave10 : Viewers Take Control

Viewers have control during this webcam session. They could control the speed, depth and how long I was on my dildo.

XCAM | Slave10 : Webcam Bitch ON DUTY

slave-slut 10 back at work on the webcam making money for his Master on sites like Cam4, Streamate and Chaturbate.

XCAM | Slave10 : Case 373 – Part 2

Some scenes from a fun new video I'm working on as a follow up to the Case #373 video.

XCAM | Slave10 : 2nd Shift

slave bitch 10 working a new assignment using big dildos, stripping and tit work to create a new custom video.

XCAM | Slave10 : Special Request

Always had a fantasy of a white guy in a business suit getting fucked and violated with his clothes on.  Not sure where that came from but told slave10 to put together…

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XCAM | Slave10 : 13 Inch Incentive

slave10 rides the 13 inch dildo with no pussy preparation .... after more than three weeks with no ass work!

XCAM | Slave10 : Bitch Inspection

slave10 submits to inspection before a possible use -- displaying all the parts necessary for a performance.

XCAM | Slave10 : Waiting…

Waiting powered by XTube
Scenes of slave10 waiting 'impatiently' for his Master to arrive... idle hands.

XCAM | Slave 10 : Case 373

Some scenes from a cool artistic video I did by special request for a customer a couple years ago. 2015 Update - Two new videos have since been created to form a…

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XCAM | Slave10 : Custom Video and LIVE Performance Previews

As the custom video orders roll in, I ordered the slut to make previews.  These videos will be made available for general purchase soon.  All custom orders remain unavailable for…

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XCAM | Slave10 : Chat Room Slut

My bitch, Slave10 is handed over to a video chat room full of horny Black Male Dominants for their visual entertainment. This slut was in for a long session of interracial…

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XCAM | Slave10 : 1001 Uses

1001 Uses powered by XTube
slave10 demonstrating just a few of the 1001 uses for a good slut-slave!