Black Sovereign University presents:

Submissives With Responsibilities

It should go without saying that everyone has responsibilities whether its work, family, community or relationships. But how you approach this Lifestyle depends on successfully finding balance between those existing responsibilities and those you may want to build with your Dom. That would be the sensible way to do it, right? And some are actually able to do just that on their own.

A good display of Common Sense.

Others… not so much. Let’s talk about that.

There are those of you who are married (or in a committed relationship) yet want to dabble in this lifestyle part time or as a fetish. This is fine as we all express our innermost desires in different ways however, when it involves a Man of Color, that approach may end up with undesired results. If you have responsibilities yet feel that you need to fulfill that part of you that wants contact with a Black dominant then look at what you can offer first.

Most of you will start off with a statement such as “I want to please you” or “whatever you want, Sir”. That’s perfectly fine but can you actually deliver?

Scenario:  What if your Dom wants you to come over to his place at 4pm but then you remember that you normally have dinner with your family at 5pm? You risk having to say “no” or that you “can’t” because of other obligations, right? But, didn’t you tell Him that you wanted to please and promised whatever He wanted for his pleasure? See the consequence of saying things you can’t fully honor?

Now, one would probably argue that you informed your Dom in the beginning that you were married/partnered and had responsibilities. But we don’t care about that. We only care about what you can do for us, right now. That we can actually trust the words that you tell us.

You begin to state that you are sorry but you must be home or the wife or partner would probably be suspicious of your absence.

Maybe they will. But again, that is not a Dom’s problem. It’s yours.

You neglected to share what your free time would be like once you disclosed your relationship status.

You neglected to think fully about your limitations and disclose them upfront so that the Dom can make a decision if you are worth dealing with despite those obstacles or move on to someone else who can accommodate him.

You neglected to realize that you, as a man with responsibilities have made everything else in your life a priority except the one thing that excites you the most… serving a Black Dominant.

Learn to make time for the things that matter most to you.

If that is serving a Dom when the opportunity presents itself then prioritize Him.

Or, if that is keeping your prior obligations, then explain why you are treating your Dom like he’s your “trick on the side”.  Something to satisfy your needs only when it’s convenient for you.

The solution is simple.

Make time.  Or get out of his way.


Course Series:  Submission 100