Black Sovereign University presents:

Blaxploitation In The Lifestyle

There is no real right or wrong way to approach this Lifestyle.  But there is Common Sense. Whether you have a fetish for interracial erotica or genuinely feel attracted to Black culture and its people, you have a responsibility to approach it in a way that is respectful.  You forget that you are dealing with a people whose living relatives and ancestors have endured horrific treatment and discrimination at the hands of whites and other races.  Or, to be politically correct, people of lighter skin pigments.

That kind of wrong does not go away with the next generation.  It is passed down.  Just like all of the forms of racism and prejudice.  It is learned.  In our case… it is a warning and mentality of how to survive in a world that does not respect you.  That promotes distrust.  A distrust of intentions and attractions.  Black people have always been exploited.  If it wasn’t our ancestral lands, it was our bodies.  Used for labor and personal enjoyment.  Never truly appreciated.  Just used for selfish agendas.

In the 20th century, a new term arose called Blaxploitation.

Blaxploitation: by definition, is the exploitation of blacks, especially in movies featuring or intending to appeal to blacks.  Do you see now where I’m going with this article?

There are those who feel they are entitled to meet a Black man who will be instantly into them simply because they have decided to allow themselves be used for “our” pleasure. That kind of thinking must stop.  Using terms such as BBC to describe the kind of male you are into is not flattering at all.  Although, other acronyms have been sparingly mentioned; BBC is so widely used that some Blacks now mimic the use as code for “white guy seeking sex with an endowed black guy”.  Again, that is fine but you (black men) still alienate yourselves by complying just as badly as those who use the term with good intentions.  The problem lies with our inability to distinguish between whites who feel we are good for nothing more than satisfying their mandingo fantasies and those who think of it as a code word for wanting to please us.

You only have to look at other ads on dating websites to see the cycle of harm.  99% of ads will have a full description of the type of male they prefer…

Seeking hung white/latino tops…

Into asian… 

Into only darker skinned males such as middle eastern, hispanic/latino, etc…

Bottom wants hung dominant tops (prefer white guys only,  just a preference)…

However, we seem to be the only racial group that gets an acronym.  I don’t know who started it but the user needs to be aware that many of us are turned off by it.  Especially when used by a male who professes to be a servant and admirer of Black dominant men.  How can we trust someone who can’t understand how demeaning it is be referred to as three simple letters that don’t even refer to his maleness… only his body part.  It is reminiscent of the slave markets where blacks were sold based solely on their physical attributes.  It was a buyers market back in those days where we were bred for specific tasks.  Sound familiar?

Today, the focus should be on the seller… the Black Dominant.  Recognize and celebrate his intelligence and maleness.  He is more than just a phallic symbol.  Much more.  Acknowledge his history by paying close attention to how your own actions may be interpreted as you attempt to approach him.  You can argue that some black men do not mind the usage but then consider this.

What do you consider a BBC (big, black cock)?  7 inches?  8 inches? 9 inches? 10 plus inches?

Not all black men spend time measuring how big their members are just so that they can feel worthy and confident in their ability to please.  It is not a damn measuring tool for a right of passage that one is born with.  Just as none of us are born physically perfect,  it is especially shameful for a white submissive to engage in a practice that does nothing more than put us right back into a pre-defined category that’s been in play for centuries.  We are not insensitive to innocent mistakes.  We understand the mentality of men and the how popular culture is perceived.  But we seek those who can rise above that common mentality.  Just as we have come into our own as Doms,  we seek those who know their role.  Live their roles and wish to link themselves with a Dominant who can help them to fulfill that burning need inside of them.

That need isn’t just our penises inside their mouths or assholes.

It is the need to be filled with purpose.  Earning respect and being allowed to contribute to the pleasure of their Dominant.

Plenty of you already know this.  And I am both proud and congratulate you for understanding.  But for those who are just now realizing how much they have been acting like lemmings,  I would hope that going forward, you are able to step back onto the correct path you were meant to be on…

Honoring and serving the Black Dominant as the symbol of your own salvation.


Course Series:  Submission 100