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DISCLAIMER:  As of 9/8/13, I am no longer a member of the BMR2 website that I used to co-manage.  

Because of this development, I no longer sponsor or advertise the BMR2 website through ANY of my network channels.  

My relationship with the BMR2 website (or whatever it may be called now) has concluded.  PERMANENTLY.

I acknowledge that many of you remember my time on that platform and the work I put in to increase its vision.

With that said, I strongly believe Black Man’s Revenge is a concept driven by the dynamic of Black domination and White submission, consensually of course.  But, I am just one voice on the matter.  You make of it however you want.

Black Man’s Revenge is a community network that caters to the BDSM niche of Black Dominants and white submissives. It’s a gay/bisexual interracial movement for individuals who seek to be apart of a family that understands their attraction to this Lifestyle.

Not sure if you fit the concept? See if any of the following scenarios applies to you….

  • As a BLACK DOMINANT, I feel most comfortable being in control.
    As a SUBMISSIVE, I feel most comfortable being told what to do.


  • As a BLACK DOMINANT, I enjoy knowing that I am the main focus of someone’s attention.
    As a SUBMISSIVE, I enjoy focusing more on someone else than myself.


  • As a BLACK DOMINANT, I am seeking a manwife, boyfriend or young sub to take care of.
    As a SUBMISSIVE, I am seeking a husband, boyfriend or partner to take care of.


  • As a BLACK DOMINANT, I want complete and total control in the relationship.
    As a SUBMISSIVE, I want to give up complete control in the relationship.


Did any of the above descriptions fit you?

There is no one way to describe a Dominant or submissive.  It all depends on you and what you are looking for.

Know that you are not alone.

Join any of the various different platforms BMR offers where you can meet and greet other Lifestylers.


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