The Black Sovereign Initiative 2016

My very first post when I decided to self-host my own site back in 2011 was about a nearly two decade old philosophy that I created with other like-minded Doms back towards the turn of the millennium.

Click here to view the original post, The Black Sovereign Initiative (2011).


6 years later… that philosophy, the Black Sovereign Initiative, hasn’t changed much but I have noticed differences in how people approach the Lifestyle.  Younger people, thanks to the internet, are now more aware of who they are.  That’s a far cry from the repression and self-denial that plagued the 80’s and 90’s (as well as throughout history).  Some of you know what I mean if you are over 40 and have only just recently accepted that other part of your nature that you’ve kept hidden.

Some other things to consider…

  • There are those who are still married yet want to dabble in this part time or as a fetish.  I have a post about Married Subs that I’ll be sharing soon.  It’ll include some things to consider as my experience with married men who wish to sub outside of their marriage tends to come with mixed results.
  • There are those who are just starting out and wish to be guided or trained by an experienced Dom.  I also have an upcoming post about “newbies” with information that I think will be important to consider before approaching a Dom, Master or anyone more experienced than you.
  • There are those who feel they are entitled to meet a Black man who will be instantly into them just because they have decided to allow themselves be used for “our” pleasure.  Of course, I’ll have a post about this very common mentality with some much needed insight into the effects that those efforts are actually having.
  • There are those who want contact with a Dom but are unable to actually serve.  This will definitely have a post as this is a contributing factor to why its hard to find Black Doms to begin with.  There are so many things that are not considered when one tries to reach out for contact.  I hope to give some initial insight into what that may be.
  • There are those who want to serve but only on their terms.  I believe that will also be related to married subs but when I make a post, it will be separate since married men have their own set of issues.  Do not get me wrong, I’ve always established that a sub can choose to give control to a Dom of their own free will while a slave doesn’t have that right simply because they chose to turn over all decisions and  power to their Dom.  However, there are exceptions when it comes to perceptions.  Don’t worry, nobody ever or rarely thinks about how their efforts are perceived.  Thus, the purpose of my upcoming posts about it.


I feel that we are in a good place as a community.  Sometimes, I am asked to go deeper into subjects that I post about but that is not my job to just make it easy.  I worked hard to get to where I am.  I did my own research without the benefit of a widely used internet community.  You should take the time to research on your own as well in order to get the information that will provide the most comprehensive and useful material to help you find your own path.

I can guide you to that path.  But only you can walk it.

Do not expect anyone to carry you.  That would be like asking a cab driver to drive you clear across the city with only gratitude as a form of payment.


Check out the original post, The Black Sovereign Initiative 2011