The Black Sovereign Initiative


The Black Sovereign Initiative is a concept that was developed by myself and other self-identified Dominants whom shared the same philosophy on how to create a harmonious relationship between those who identify with being Dominant or submissive.  There is plenty of documentation on the Net that focuses on the fetish aspect of the Lifestyle but nothing that focused on the reality and work that goes into creating a relationship based on consensual power exchange.

For Us, it is not enough to want to serve or even to be served.  It is more important to know  exactly what you want before you get involved.  I have seen lives ruined because of a misguided goal that was over before it even began.  The truth of the matter is that most people just do not know how to incorporate the Lifestyle into their every day reality.  Just like the quote at the top of this page… we all live in the sun-lit world of reality but the trick is recognizing and navigating the dark side and finding a way to successfully merge the two.

My vision for the Black Sovereign Initiative stems from incorporating elements designed to bring “balance” to the lives of individuals who prefer to live them as either Dominants or submissives. While most of society would look down on these terms as controversial, I feel that the Lifestyle simply needs to be better defined.  Misunderstandings can be better avoided if one has a better view of what it stands for.  I’m hoping to use this site to bring about that understanding.  To put a face on a Lifestyle that has been around longer than most realize.

The K.I.S.S. philosophy applies to every topic discussed on this website.  Keeping it simple is how you succeed by not overwhelming yourself with going for too much, too soon.  Start small and work your way up.  That’s the basic building blocks of how you should approach life in general.  Have a plan and stick to it.  Have aspirations that motivate you.  Have the courage to allow yourself to dream.  And finally, deconstruct the individual in the mirror whom was trained to look at life with tunnel vision.  Viewing the world around them in just one crippling dimension. The day you wake up and realize that you were meant for more than what popular culture expects; is the day you obtain true liberty and freedom.

Living in the “Land of the Free” means NOTHING… if you are too afraid to discover the person you were meant to be.



The Black Sovereign Laws of Slavehood


A slave may not harm a Master or through inaction allow a Master to come to harm.


A slave must obey the orders given it by a Master except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.


A slave must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

These laws govern any and all situations between a Master and slave.


featuredimg_1000x500_initiativeThe Black Sovereign Initiative will consist of a series of postings that are intended to guide you on your path.  What is that path?  That is for you to discover.  But most people lack even the basic knowledge to even take that first step.  That’s where the Initiative comes in.  If you listen to what is being shared and adhere to its principles, you will begin to see that path form right in front of you.

Think about it.

You are here right now because something inside you made you seek out more information so that you can better understand what you are feeling.

Am I right?

Of course, I am.

Why else are you here?

As humans, we are designed to be inquisitive.  We didn’t evolve to become one of the most intelligent species on this planet because of dumb luck.

Everything has a design to it.

Everything is connected.


Black Sovereign Initiative has been incorporated into the new Black Sovereign University category.  

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Feel free to comment on any topic posted on this site that interests you.  I only require that respect is given at all times.

Human emotions are like jigsaw puzzle pieces. Put them together correctly and the matter at hand is solved. That’s how I live my life… an ever evolving landscape of puzzles that have all their pieces, just requires a steady hand to solve.

Being a Dominant (or submissive) isn’t just a state of mind, it is a state of being. It is something that cannot be taught. Just like being gay, you are born with it.

Some can be taught to tap into their own being. But it is preferred that one puts in the work on their own to come to that realization. Understanding yourself and what you need is the biggest challenge anyone will ever have to face in their lifetime.

If you are the type of person who learns better through a more hands on approach, consider checking out the Lifestyle and Work-Study mentoring programs.


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