What does Black Mans Revenge mean?


A white sub asked me today if “Black Mans Revenge” means getting what we deserve by making whites crave BBC.

That’s one very small way of looking it but you miss the whole picture. Black Man’s Revenge (BMR) refers to the accomplishment and achievement of Black MEN owning their own futures. Changing the world by simply being themselves. Embracing their own natural power and strength by believing in themselves.

When you are PROUD of who and what you are, it radiates and draws in others like moths to a flame.

Getting a non-black person to admit that they are a natural-born servants to Black men is the best REVENGE. Why? Because unlike what every other race on this damn planet has demonstrated throughout history… we never FORCED them to do it.

NOW, that’s true power. And the ultimate REVENGE.

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Superior Sir, this white is indeed a natural-born servant to all Black Men, and although it certainly craves Black Dick it knows and understands that there is so much more to serving its Black Masters than just sex. it only asks that You and Your fellow Superiors tell it what it needs to do for You and it will gladly do just as You have ordered Sir!

You are one of the few who have been able to benefit from your own TRUTH. When you stop fighting who you are and embrace it, life becomes so much easier. Everything just makes better sense when you no longer make excuses.

Takes alot of energy to live a LIE.

Takes none at all to live your TRUTH. The natural order of things.

faggot, all you need to do is make yourself available to be told what to do. That can be challenging at times.

faggot whiteboy

Superior Sir, faggot does its best to make itself available but Sir is so right, that can be daunting at times. faggot always says ‘Sir’ to all Black Males it comes across and often gets a quizzical look in response, but every once in awhile it gets a slight smile or smirk, and then faggot knows it has found a Superior who understands what He is dealing with. faggot only wishes more Superiors recognized the need that whiteboys like this faggot have to serve Them.

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