Black Lives Matter

I was recently having an in depth conversation with a few submissives and another Dominant over their views on what #BLM stands for and the progress (negative and positive) gained from the growing international movement.

We are all frustrated.
We all want immediate reform.
We all want Police to be safe… as well as ensure that the people they investigate or arrest are safe as well.
We all want this nation to finally deal with long-standing issues without resorting to rose colored glasses and band aids.  Otherwise known as, apathy.

We all know that non-action and indifference only leads to escalation and even more problems.

We all need to know that eventually… people will resort to extreme violence to get their point across… to be heard.

Terrorism is borne from ignorance, exclusion and lack of compassion. I will not say “result” because there are many reasons why someone decides that violence is the only way to express their discontent with the world around them.

But I do know human nature.

And I know for a fact that history repeats itself when its lessons are not heeded.  Check out this article from 1934

pobrutenewsMy recent posts about Black/African Holocaust and related YouTube videos about race are meant to remind those who care to listen that these issues are not new.  Long standing prejudices still exist and are causing major issues in how we treat one another.  They are recurring like 1980’s re-runs.  Narratives repeated over and over again.  Same story, different cast.  Doesn’t matter which decade you were born in.  We are all part of the same tale.

I strongly believe that the 21st century should be about writing a new chapter to add to that tale which in turn changes its narrative.  We all contribute whether you know it or not.  Every action you take.  Every thought.  How you view the world.  All of that affects someone.  You have an impact whether you believe that or not.  It is almost never seen unless you have intent.  But your actions do affect others.  Even inaction.  So although all lives should matter to everyone, they don’t.  We wouldn’t have the kind of conflict that is rapidly escalating today if everyone on this planet believed that.


Can we control how other people choose to see the world and relate to others?  No.

Can we change how we choose to see the world and relate to those around us?  Absolutely.

And that’s where it starts.  With you.