I’m sure that many of us (at some point or another) has come across a Black male or female who seems to enjoy indulging in the race play aspect of pretending to be slaves to a white dom/domme. Although instantly offensive, it begs the question of WHY?

Black Inferiority Complex is attributed as the lack of self-worth and pride some Blacks may feel about themselves.

This post was inspired by an email I received of my BSN FetLife group about a recent incident. It contains my response to the matter:

BSN Member

written 1 day ago:

It has been 8 days since we have spoken MASTER but here I feel I have to tell you that a Black Brother in Fetlife has declared himself a slave to the white man and wants to give blow jobs to us filth. He is attached to the Pigs Group and calls himself a N**r. His nickname is……….luvaboy and has a photograph of one of the brothers in a steel collar. Is this not wrong and does is not bring the name of BLACK SUPERIORITY into disrepute MASTER. Shame on him !! It would be very good if the photograph was of me MASTER. Is there anything you can do about that as he is the FIRST Black Brother I have seen do this !! I wait to hear from you MASTER.


written 39 minutes ago:

That is horrible to hear about. I have come across Black men who seem drawn to the race play aspect and for whatever reason choose to demean themselves. This could be due to something that happened in their childhood or a mental imbalance.

It is sad to hear about this and at the same time angering. This also goes to show that Superiority is a state of mind. That Black man (notice I do not consider him a brother) is not a Black Superior. He is a submissive, lower than my status. Only strong Black men who know their own right and power can claim to be Superior.

In this case, I feel sadness for the man for he obviously does not feel he is worthy of respect.

You should take this opportunity to reach out to him. Explain to him that as HIS INFERIOR, he is considered a KING and not a slave to the white man. This will have more meaning coming from the very white men that he is seeking to serve. It would have more effective that way.

BSN Member

written less than a minute ago:

I shall try MASTER but the very thought of a Black Brother being into taking a white pigs seed is very much beyond my belief – YUCK ! It makes me sick ! Also to see a Black Man in a steel collar truly makes me feel so much better to have made the crossing to serve BLACK SUPERIORS and to be a traitor to my pale insipid colour I shall never want to change from being in service to the BLACK RACE. I worship you all MASTER x

I do believe that for the most part it is about fetish race play. But as I mentioned in my response to the sub, it could be a sign of mental illness as well. In the past, it has angered me to the point of wanting to beat some sense into my fellow brother. But violent reaction is not the answer. Just like with someone who wants to commit suicide, it is best to listen to their take on the situation so to learn the WHY of it.

From there, maybe your point of view can be shared… and hopefully become the voice of reason.

I can hear my grandmother right now… “We did not endure rape, killings, being called an Ape, a Nigger and countless other derogatory names and atrocities meant to keep Us down and lower Our self esteem only to hear that some stupid bitch ass nigga is using it for sexual gratification!!!” Yes, she was extremely Black Pride-centric almost to the point of sanctioning the extermination of any whom she considered “traitors to our race”. She lived in a time where Blacks did not have any rights.

But it’s just that kind of reaction that we want to avoid in today’s world. Anger is indeed a powerful emotion but better channeled into compassion and a need to understand. If it is a mental imbalance that is the motivation behind a Black person wanting to submit to a white then we can encourage them to seek professional help.

If it is simply about satisfying a fetish, then should it not be our business? Or should we remind the wayward individual of who he is and how he is perceived?

True Fact: Many Doms/Dommes get into the Lifestyle because they encountered a submissive who allowed them the opportunity to explore that side of themselves (myself included). Because of objectification, many do not trust subs are actually committed to the role and are only play acting… fulfilling a fetish.

They are right… in many cases. But flipping the script, wouldn’t that be true for other Dominants who don’t know their full potential yet? Maybe all anyone needs is that one true catalyst to show them the way.