Being Intuitive


It is no secret that a submissive wishes to be of use to a Dominant.  And, that they worry about whether or not they are doing a good job of pleasing and following orders.  It is a desirable quality in a submissive who is capable of being intuitive. To know what is desired without having to be told. This is accomplished by being attentive and learning from conversations that reflect what the Dominant likes, dislikes, and so on.

Not everyone has that natural inclination towards intuitiveness.  Those who don’t have to work hard to gain it.  Familiarity with the wants and needs of the Dominant goes a long way in developing an intuitive nature.  The less work we have to put in to train and correct you, leads to more time devoted to actually enjoying your service.  When we are happy… you are happy.  That’s how this Lifestyle works.  That’s why being or learning to be intuitive is so important.

Real Life Situation #1

“I told you to use Google Talk (a predecessor to Hangouts) for the chat session tonight.  You responded that you didn’t have it but will get it if I preferred it.  Now rethink what you said… didn’t I already tell you that I preferred Google by directly telling you to use it?  It’s that kind of redundancy that you want to avoid.  It comes off as if you were not paying attention.  I am not scolding you… I’m teaching you by using real life examples on how to become remarkable and not just standard.”

“I prefer to deal with remarkable.  In my view, some things should not have to be taught.  Being intuitive is consistent with being attentive.  You learn how to serve better by using various ways to accomplish your goal.  Directly asking about preferences is one way.  But, being attentive during every conversation with a Dominant as a way to learn more is the preferred method.  Your goal should always to be to become an asset not a liability.” 

“When things become redundant, then Dominants have to rethink if our continued relationship with a submissive is even worth our time.  I am always impressed when I can clearly see that a submissive has been listening intently to our conversations  and using those opportunities to serve better without having to be told.  A submissive always strives to impress.  You can still ask questions but recognizing a learning opportunity compared to making an inquiry to increase your knowledge is key.” 

“I always tell my followers that I don’t speak for my health.  And I mean that.  Every word spoken has a meaning and is sometimes a clue into getting to know me better.  Some clarifications may be necessary and that is okay as you are simply clarifying what you have already gathered from a previous conversation.”

“Don’t let what I have just shared with you make you afraid to ask questions.  I just want you to be more intuitive and treat each conversation we have as a learning tool.  I am sure you already do this but it wouldn’t hurt to re-read every email we share between each other to see if there is anything you may have missed.  Re-reading is a valuable tool just like watching a movie you’ve already seen.  The second, third or fourth time you watch always makes you focus on elements that you didn’t notice before which in turn, adds a new dimension to a movie you’ve already seen.”


Now… does that make sense?

Of course it does.

If it didn’t… then you weren’t paying attention.  So read it again!


Black Sovereign University