bbcThose three letters can mean something completely different depending on what you are looking for. If you do not follow current web trends then it could easily stand for the British Broadcasting Corporation. I admit, that was what I initially thought it meant when I first saw it used. But sadly, whites have introduced yet another way to label Blacks.

Apparently, we are no longer Black men. We are only Big Black Cocks. Living dildos for whites to fantasize and lust after. What’s even sadder is that some Black men have started to adopt this acronym as a way to get quick and easy sex. Throwing out their own pride in order to get a piece of ass. I come from a generation where we learned about our past and respected what those before us had to endure. So shit like this is UNACCEPTABLE to me.

I can’t tell you how insulting it is to receive email or responses from subs whose first thought is to impress me with how much they love and worship BBC. Deep down I know they are like lemmings just using popular slang but if they can’t say they enjoy serving Black men then they are no better than the Ku Klux Klan, in my opinion. That’s the reaction I feel when the term BBC is directed at me. They might as well just say “I want some nigger dick” because that’s exactly the level of respect they are giving when it’s used.

I don’t have any slang terms for whites. They are just white subs, white men, white boys, white bottoms. Their ass and penises are still asses and penises. 30-40 years ago, there was the term “cracker” but who uses that anymore? Why the fuck do Blacks have to be labeled YET AGAIN? And what’s even worse is why do subs who claim to love Black men feel the need to use a term that is obviously a lazy way of saying I love big black dick? Because it’s the trend like LOL? Well, this black man is not laughing out loud.

I’m sure there are probably more sides to this but I don’t see any. No one has come out and explained it. When I have inquired in the past, the common answers were “I don’t know” or “Everybody else uses it so I did to”.


Please feel free to reply and share your opinion on this topic. Whether to defend or to add you own take. I am always open to different intelligent viewpoints.