Animan | Gay Niche Cartoonist

One day, while browsing the net, I accidentally came across a video called The Twist Party and was enthralled by how well it was made with an emphasis on BIG BOOTIES. And more importantly, FUCKING those big booties.  The video had a minimal storyline focusing on the situation instead and well… I got hard watching the focal character get essentially gang-banged by almost every male at that 60’s era party.  I don’t normally get into x-rated cartoons or comics but Animan was worthy of grabbing my attention with his imaginative work.  There is simply nothing else out there with the style and quality he puts into bringing his fantasies to life.  I have purchased just about all of his videos.  If anything, they are simply entertaining.


Enjoy the trailer above for Big Ben’s Beach Adventure.

He offers FREE movies you can download and watch.  

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The movies up for sale are listed on his websites.  After making a purchase, he usually responds promptly within 5-10 minutes with a download link through Sendspace or Dropbox.

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