When trying to meet people on the Internet, it goes without saying that you have to say something worthwhile to gain attention. But in the 20 years that the World WIde Web has become mainstream, it has gotten too generic.


Everyone sounds like everyone else. Catch phrases and slogans are overused to the point that they are a turnoff because we have gotten lazy. Very few of us actually know what it means to be “original”.

The colorful art of being unique and one-of-a-kind is almost dead. Yes, sadly so. But… every so often, you come across someone who captures your interest long enough to read further than their stats or their pics.

That how it used to be. How it should be… if you are serious about creating that great first impression. If not, then continue to coast and emulate. Feast on the scraps of what you perceive to be as “good enough”.

It works for most of us who don’t know any better. But for others… they want more.

Finding a good sub or Dom is hard enough. Building a relationship with that sub or Dom is damn near difficult without establishing trust. But if you can’t back up the claims you make with actions… you destroy that fragile trust.

And in many cases, you can never get it back.

No one ever thinks about the collateral damage lies and disrespect leaves in its wake.

Legions of potential Doms and subs left doubtful and suspicious of any good intentions or motives. This goes beyond just simply being cautious. Ruining any chances for the next person who has the sincerest of intentions to try and make up for the mistakes of others before him.

Once you’ve been burned, that kind of stink doesn’t wash off with tomato juice… it lingers. Festers the mind with doubt and mistrust. Virtually destroying all hope of that Dom or sub allowing themselves to want more than what they feel is “safe”.

Thus, the current cycle of mistrust is born and recycled. Over and over and over again.

The only way to stop this domino effect is to be true to your word(s). Even if you feel fear, don’t take the cowards way out and bail (disappear). Stay. Talk it out and explain how you feel. You’d be surprised at the level of understanding you may receive in return. Most times, your counterpart may actually have the exact same fears as you do.

Novel concept isn’t it?

Try it.

Actions speak louder than words… every single time.