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...an Introduction

Black Sovereign represents who I am on this journey. I am Black and I am Sovereign over my own life and the direction I choose to take it. This is about Me. I understand the importance of my role within the Dynamic, just as you should.

We all have a role to play in this life.  My grandmother always told me that a man is his own country.  There are people destined to be leaders.  Comfortable being in control.  And, there are people who need direction and purpose.  Comfortable being controlled.  The dynamic is straightforward and simple because deep down… everybody knows their true place.

When I made the decision to start sharing my thoughts and ideology on a blog, I soon found myself creating different categories for different topics that I was discussing.  Writing is an amazing outlet.  Most of my postings are random thoughts that I just needed to get down on paper.  Others are real time responses to questions that had been asked.  There is no rhyme or reason to anything I end up writing.  Purposeful chaos, as my mother always put it. Divine wisdom, as my grandmother would say.  Whatever label you want to apply to it, someone tends to relate to its message.

Its the cosmic randomness that drives me.  You don’t always have to have a definitive plan when you share your knowledge.  Just the heart to do so and to be genuine.  Otherwise, why do it?

Recent Articles from Black Sovereign

My Experiences

As part of an upcoming E-Book series entitled, The Black Sovereign Chronicles, I’ve shared some of my real-life experiences within the Lifestyle.

My Journals

Over the years, I have written many non-Lifestyle related articles about various social issues and topics that affect the world around me.

My Lifestyle

After turning 40, I refocused my personal and professional life as well as my approach to this Lifestyle.  I am now focusing more on what I want.

My Submissives

Articles about the submissives who have played a role in my life.

My Encounters

Articles about significant encounters I’ve had online and offline.

My History

Articles about my personal history and genealogy.

My Health

Articles about my views on health and wellness in our Community.

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