January 10th was my 39th birthday.  Time surely does fly by when you’re having fun!  I made the decision in 2012 to start taking the week of my birthday off in order to travel someplace to celebrate it.  Last year, it was a stay-cation.  This year, I am in Ft. Lauderdale, FL courtesy of a my sub, Rob who lives here.

I haven’t known Rob that long and being long distance does make it difficult to build any real bonds.  Coming out to stay with him was my solution to that problem (he had previously flown to Denver in early December to spend a weekend with me under my Weekend Service program) and he took the time to schedule leave from his job so that he could be fully available to me during my stay.

Having never been to Florida before, I think I did just about everything you could do within a week.  Drove down to Key West for a day… spent time in the gay mecca that is Fort Lauderdale.  Hung out in South Beach and did a little shopping.  All while being waited on hand and foot and taken care of by my sub.

To him, this was a much needed vacation… for him.  He has a job where he is in control all of the time and to be able to give up that control, even temporarily, is what he appreciates the most.  It gives him balance and fills in apart of himself that was missing.  He is always smiling when I catch him looking at me.

For my birthday, we went to South Beach and just vegged.  It was pretty windy but the sun was out in full force and was a great agent for keeping the heat at bay.  After a couple hours, we walked around the street mall and checked out a few shops.  A very leisurely day… just the way I like it.

I was taken to dinner at a very nice restaurant later that night and drank a little too much wine.  Not a big drinker so my tolerance level is not as high as most people.  But I had a great evening… later that night, treated to a fantastic massage and a heartfelt thank you from my sub for allowing him to be part of my special day with me.

I leave tomorrow morning and I am a little sad to see the trip end.  I actually like Florida but not looking forward to snow and freezing temps in Denver (as my other sub, Dave has texted me when confirming my arrival time tomorrow).

I love the Lifestyle I have built for myself.   It affords me to live the life I want and positively affect those around me just by knowing and serving me.  It really is that simple. If you are lucky enough to find those who appreciate what you have to offer.