Although this website was officially started in 2011, the Journey has been on-going since the turn of the millennium.  A sincere thank you to all of my followers who have actively sought me out over the years.  It has been the incredible supporters like yourselves who have made the continuing evolution of Black Sovereign possible.


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These Precious Illusions

These Precious Illusions When I first heard this song by Alanis Morrisette, back in 2002, I found myself transfixed by the lyrics. I related them to my own experiences and…

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Leaving The Lifestyle

When I started exploring the BDSM world, I expected to deal with the good and the bad. I expected to face alot of disappointment and frustration. I also expected to…

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Cyber Encounters | FanMail #071017

My Cyber Encounters | FanMail #071017 Sir, Although this is not truly an inquiry, I wasn’t sure how to contact you directly. Be certain, that I type this message with…

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