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Although this website was officially started in 2011, the Journey has been on-going since the turn of the millennium.  A sincere thank you to all of my followers who have actively sought me out over the years.  It has been the incredible supporters like yourselves who have made the continuing evolution of Black Sovereign possible.

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Dominant since 1992. Master, Mentor and Realist since 1999.  Learn more about Black Sovereign, his history, vision and those who have been lucky enough to enter his Inner Circle.

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Black Sovereign | University

Founded in 1999, The University (BSU) was an educational program initiative rooted in the strict belief that Black Superiors should be served with 100% reverence, effort and devotion.  We sought to break down the mis-education of countless potential Lifestylers through the teaching of principles designed to ease the transition from ordinary leemings to enlightened souls who know true freedom.

To honor the Black race, you have to know about our history.  Our struggles and our triumphs.  The color of our skin is just a cosmetic symbol of our Superiority.  We are the mothers and fathers of humanity.  Our superiority comes from generations of wisdom and perseverance.  Some of Us are born with the desire to lead and rule over all that is before Us.  Others are born with the desire to serve.  BSU is designed to assist in figuring out one’s place.

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Black Sovereign | Media

Originally established in 2000, Black Sovereign Media (also known as Blacksov Media) encompasses the fields of self publishing, adult entertainment, online modeling, video on demand streaming and music.

XCAM is the newest venture incorporating mentorship with online exploitation (modeling).  BSM Music showcases my indie recording artist stint from the early to mid 2000’s.  BSM Video is a collection of videos I’ve found interesting while Video on Demand is my AEBN affiliate adult streaming site.

BSM Shop (Marketplace) will feature items that are available for purchase and/or download.  Another new upcoming venture is Blacksov Publishing where my upcoming E-book projects will be distributed through.

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Black Sovereign | Network

Communities created by Black Sovereign.  Chat with fellow Lifestylers in the encrypted Skype chat room, subscribe to the Black Mans Revenge blog or join a new fisting network located in the Denver/Rocky Mountain region.

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